Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ed Feser's New Post against ID

Aristotelian/Thomist philosopher, Ed Feser, has a new post:

Thomism versus the design argument

The crucial part of his argument:

"Similarly, so long as you insist (for whatever reason) on treating natural substances as if they were a kind of artifact, and on predicating attributes of both the world’s “designer” and of human designers in a univocal way, you will never (from an A-T point of view, anyway) get even one inch closer to the God of classical theism, because you will necessarily be describing the “designer” in a way that not merely falls short of, but is positively inconsistent with, classical

A commenter by the name of Maolsheachlann (how the heck do you pronounce that?) made what I thought was a very good point:

"I don't understand how intelligent design in the ID sense would be different from a miracle. A miracle is a kind of bypassing of the usual operations of nature, and yet it it attests to God-- not to some kind of sorcerer or Urizen. You may not be able to reach the God of classical theism from a miraculous cure of Parkinson's disease, and yet God doesn't disdain to act in this way."

So why must God disdain to directly intervene and create life?

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