Monday, March 14, 2011

9/11 Truthers and Truth

A movement that describes themselves as a truth movement should be pursuing the truth, even if it seems to weaken their view of what the truth is. I've found a number of instances in the 9/11 Truth movement that seem to be evidence that that it is seeking the truth. A recent example is a recent entry at the blog, Architect Richard Gage debated journalist Chris Mohr on the question of what caused the WTC building collapses. Apparently Mr. Mohr did his homework and communicated with NIST, in order to find out their responses to truthers ojbections.

What is admirable is that ae911truth printed the responses that Mr. Mohr received: Answers from NIST.

I haven't listened to the debate, yet. I'll be interested in seeing if there is a written response to NIST's answers.

9/11 Truthers aren't always upfront about weaknesses in their case. Examples that come to mind would be their calling David Chandler a physics professor, when he's only a high school physics teacher, or their not admitting that there might be a problem with the online journal that supposedly peer-reviewed some of their papers. So I'm not claiming they're perfect. But there seems to be some sincere effort to find the truth, regardless of where it leads.

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