Saturday, February 7, 2015

What would a "Theistic Science" look like?

Philosopher Alvin Plantinga argues in his book, Where the Conflict Really Lies; Science, Religion, and Naturalism, that there is deep concord between Theism and Science. Theists believe that a rational and all-powerful God has created this universe, and has created us in His image, so that we can understand and investigate His creation. 
What I find even more fascinating is the life of George Washington Carver, who managed to meld his faith with his scientific investigations, praying that God would reveal the secrets of His creation to him. I wonder if this was how science was meant to be done.  If so, then the difference between "science" and "theistic science" is that the latter is performed by scientists who daily ask God for guidance, insight, and wisdom as they do science.

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