Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why Wouldn't NY1 Show the Collapse of WTC 7?

In case you didn't watch the clip of the news story by the local television station, NY1, about the High Rise Safety Initiative, it's really a story about the collapse of WTC 7.  The story shows a video clip of the building before it collapses.  And they show a clip of the building after it collapses.  But they don't show a clip of the actual collapse of WTC 7, even though there were plenty of them to be had:

So why didn't they show it?  Were they afraid that people might wonder if it was a controlled demolition, the way that controlled demolition expert, Danny Jowenko, concluded that it was? But why would a news show let that stop them from reporting a complete story, which in this case would include showing a clip of the collapse of WTC 7? Isn't there job to just report the story and let the public draw their own conclusions? Or is their job to shape the story to make sure the public draws the conclusion that somebody else wants them to draw?

And if the story was shaped to please "somebody else," who would that somebody else be?

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