Sunday, July 13, 2014

Follow up Question: Why is it Missing?

JDB gave the right answer.  NY1's Coverage of the High Rise Safety Initiative doesn't show the collapse of WTC 7.

Here's the follow up question:  Why doesn't the report show the collapse?  This is one of those questions where you are allowed to give a subjective answer, since, unless you work for the station, you probably don't know for sure why they didn't show the collapse.


JDB said...

Well I know what your answer is: because videos of the collapse make it obvious that it is a controlled demolition.

Bilbo said...

Or would at least make people curious. But what is your answer?

JDB said...

"But what is your answer?"
I have no idea how or why they reported as they did; for instance I have no idea why they didn't use a non-truther expert instead of the mayor to criticize the truth theory. In general the report bordered on the wholly uninformative - in terms of either a pro- or anti-truther case.

Bilbo said...

But they don't quote a truther expert, either. They do point out that NIST did an 800 page study of WTC 7 that determined it was brought down by fires. And they go to the trouble of giving us video clips of WTC 7 before it collapsed and after it collapsed (or at least the empty space where it used to be). And I believe in order to get those clips, they would have had to edit out video of the actual collapse.

When you say they have no idea why they didn't show the collapse, do you mean that you have no idea other than the one I would propose?

Do you find it striking that NY1's not showing the collapse is consistent with the policies of the overwhelming amount of times that video of 9/11 is shown, in that collapse of WTC 7 is not shown?

Bilbo said...

That second paragraph should read: "When you say that you have no idea why ...."

Bilbo said...

On further thought, NY1's report is misleading. It suggests that conspiracy theorists believe that WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition because it housed CIA and Secret Service offices. But those are only secondary reasons why we believe that. By far and away the primary reason we think it was a controlled demolition is because of the way it collapsed.

So by substituting a secondary reason for the primary reason, and then not showing the collapse, NY1 is encouraging (intentionally or not) its audience to believe that the way WTC 7 collapsed is not the issue.