Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sunset Limited

I recently watched the very good film, The Sunset Limited, that I recommend to just about anyone who isn't contemplating suicide. It stars Tommie Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson has just rescued Jones from an attempted suicide and now the two of them are back in Jackson's apartment, where a discussion of the meaning of life takes place. I'm not completely happy with the way it ends, but it's still worth watching. It's written by Cormac McCarthy, whom I am told also wrote "No Country for Old Men," and "The Road." I saw a movie starring Jones and Jackson back in the late 90s. They play off each other very well and make this film a must see (unless you're thinking of stepping in front of a train).  I think you can find a decent version of it on youtube somewhere.

UPDATE:  Maybe I should add a teaser:  Jackson plays a convicted murderer who had a jailhouse conversion to Christianity, and Jones plays an atheist. 

UPDATE #2:  From a friend:  "AFyi, I was searching and discovered that the link you sent is of lesser quality that a broken up posting by "Bagelboy615." When you type in "Sunset Limited Part 1,"  part 2, etc., it comes up."  

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