Monday, July 22, 2013

Prothero and Luskin both Recommend Valentine and Erwin's Erwin and Valentine's The Cambrian Explosion.

Paleontologist Donald Prothero, in a scathing review of Stephen Meyer's Darwin's Doubt, recommends that

For a good account by real paleontologists who know what they're doing, see the excellent recent book by Valentine and Erwin, 2013, which gives an accurate view of the "Cambrian diversification."

Ironically, the Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin also recommends reading Erwin and Valentine's book, quoting from it extensively to show that it supports Stephen Meyer's contentions.

Now if both the critic and the supporter of Meyer's book recommend reading Erwin and Valentine, then perhaps we should read Erwin and Valentine first.  I'm half-way through Meyer's book, so I think I'll go ahead and finish it.  But for the lucky reader who hasn't started Meyer's, yet, Erwin and Valentine's is only $55.99.

Or you can wait for the movie.

 HT: Larry Moran for pointing out Prothero review.

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