Saturday, April 20, 2013

Victor Reppert "is" Wrong about Bill Clinton and God

Philosopher Victor Reppert imagines a conversation between Clinton and God:

If there is a God, and God has informed us that something is wrong, then we can be relativists only if we think that God's opinion is no better than anyone else's. Can you imagine Bill Clinton saying to God "You say adultery is wrong, but that's just your opinion. I think it's OK. Who's to say which of us is right, and which of us is wrong?"

But that's just plain silly.  Everyone knows that Clinton wouldn't have said that. What he would have said to God was,

"You say adultery is wrong, but what do you mean by 'is'?"


Victor Reppert said...

Didn't say Bill would say that. I said it would be silly if he did.

Bilbo said...

I stand corrected.