Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five Things that We Rationally Believe that Science Cannot Prove

William Lane Craig lists five things that are rational to believe that science cannot prove:

I'm not sure about the fifth one that deals with the speed of light, but the first four are rather clear.

HT: Jeffrey Helix, in a comment at Mike Gene's post, which also deals with the problems of scientism.

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Tim Lambert said...

I think his point was number 5 was more to show that the scientific method itself rests on fundamental assumptions that aren't proved by the method itself.

Even if you could be certain about the speed of light, I think it would still hold that the scientific method rests on these assumptions such as the laws of the universe holding temporally and spatially. We assume a consistently of those values despite the fact that we can't really be certain that those values maintain in all places and have maintained throughout the past stretches of time.