Thursday, November 1, 2012

Non-Romney Arguments Against Obama

The Egalicontrarian links to two articles that offer arguments not to vote for Obama. Both authors also recommend not voting for Romney and suggest voting for a third party candidate, instead.

When Homer reveals that Clinton and Dole were really Kodos and Kang in disguise, someone suggests voting for a third part candidate. Kodos (or was it Kang?) laughs and says, "Go ahead! Throw your vote away!"

I'm still undecided.


Blas said...

You americans take for granted your personal freedom and civil rights no matter who is in the white house. From southamerica I warn you that the similiraties between the democrat party and peronism is shocking. And peronism is what take away our personal freedom and civil rights.

Bilbo said...

Thanks for your comments, Blas. I'm not familiar with peronism. Could you fill me on the similarities between that and the Democratic Party?