Monday, August 6, 2012

This Physicist Walks into an Ice Cream Parlor...


The quantum physics joke Penny tells the guys in tonight's episode was told to us by Nobel award-winning physicist, Dr. George Smoot. Penny tells it in about twenty seconds. Dr. Smoot's version probably took about three minutes, although it felt a lot longer. No one had the heart to tell him to get to the punch line, proving my hypothesis that in addition to time slowing down as you accelerate, it also grinds to a halt when you're being courteous to a genius.

Thanks for the joke, Doc!


Kevin L. Schwartz said...


I wrote this joke back in February, 2002. Here is a link to an early draft:

It went viral, and it reached the great George Smoot, who evidently liked it enough to take it with him to "The Big Bang Theory."

I'm very glad so many people have enjoyed this joke. I've written many others, too.

Bilbo said...

Thanks for a very nice joke, Kevin. Where can we find your other jokes?