Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Usual Muddle

I was hoping for clarity from Prof. Feser, so that I would finally understand his objections to ID. Instead it was the usual muddle. In answer to a question from Vincent Torley he wrote:

"2. Forming a man from the dust of the ground involves causing the prime matter which had the substantial form of dust to take on instead the substantial form of a man. I'm not sure what "sequence of steps" you have in mind. There's no sequence involved (nor any super-engineering -- God is above such trivia). It's just God "saying," as it were: "Dust, become a man." And boom, you've got your man.

So it seems that Feser is willing to admit that God caused a pre-existing prime matter that had once substantial form to take on a different substantial form. How exactly is this different from the IDists claim that agency was needed for non-living matter to become living matter?

I grow weary of Feser's inability to deal with this issue. I think he's just afraid to admit that he's wrong about anything.

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