Saturday, December 2, 2017

New Testament scholar, Larry Hurtado takes on Mythicist, Richard Carrier.

"We have examined each of Carrier’s three claims and found each of them readily falsified.  It’s 'three strikes you’re out' time.  Game over.

"There are much better reasons offered by people for finding Christian faith (or any kind of belief in God) too much of a stretch.  The attempts to deny Jesus’ historical existence are, for anyone acquainted with the relevant evidence, blatantly silly.  So, let those who want to argue for or against Christian faith do so on more serious grounds, and let those of us who do historical investigation of Jesus and Christian Origins practice our craft without having to deal with the strategems-masquerading-as-history represented by the mythical Jesus advocates."
    Why the "Mythical Jesus" claim has no traction with scholars.

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