Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prove me wrong.

Theology professor Randal Rauser posted a speech by Senator Elizabeth Warren demanding that we support legislation to break up big banks such as Citigroup, so that they are never "too big to fail."  This is a bipartisan issue.  Both you Republicans and you Democrats should support it.  I commented at Randal's blog that since I am a 9/11 Truther, I have learned that Satan is in control of all power in this world and that things won't change.  He quoted Bruce Hornsby's song to refute me.  So who is right?  I wrote the following email to my congressman and two senators:

"I just watched a youtube video that a theology profressor posted to his blog here: It is a speech of Senator Elizabeth Warren explaining the immense influence big banks such as Citigroup are having on our government in stopping legislation that would prohibit bailing them out in cases where they engage in extremely risky ventures such as derivatives. Please support legislation that will bust up huge banks such as Citigroup, so that they are never "too big to fail." Sincerely yours, ..."

I say that most of you won't write your representatives demanding the bust up of big banks.  I also say that even if we all wrote our representatives, they still wouldn't bust up big banks.  So prove me wrong.  


Mike said...

You are right. I have written to congressmen - specifically ones whose minds I want to change (which seems to be the point) - and all I get are polite letters thanking me for my concern, but saying they "will be pursuing another strategy." This is what democracy looks like - unfortunately.

Bilbo said...

Sorry Mike, so few people comment here that I forget to check to see if there are any waiting in moderation.