Saturday, August 30, 2014

NSA Whistleblower Signs 911 Truth Petition

A former technical director of the NSA and one of its first whistleblowers, William Binney, has signed the petition at, demanding a new investigation into the collapses of the three high-rise World Trade Center towers on 9/11.  His interview can be heard at 9/11 Free Fall podcast.

When asked why he signed the petition, Binney explained that he had talked with engineers and physicists who pointed out that the NIST investigation into the collapses had selectively ignored basic facts relevant to understanding the collapses, so that at best, their investigation was based on sloppy science.  In addition, he knew of controlled demoliton experts who said that their collapses looked just like controlled demolitions.  In light of that knowledge there wasn't good enough reason to trust the NIST investigation, and that a new one was required. 

He also asked the question, how much should we trust this government, given the amount of  illegal spying on people that they do.  

From here the interview went into an in depth discussion of the NSA, why he left, and how he had tried to use all legal means to expose what was going on there.  Along the way he pointed out that 9/11 was in the interests of those who had wanted to expand the power of NSA, even saying that the former head of the NSA had said that they needed a major catastrophic event in order to change things at the NSA; that 70% of all their funding ($100 billion a year of government funding goes to the intelligence community) went to private contracts, so that just as we have a military/industrial complex, so we also have an intelligence/industrial complex. 

He quoted a proverb that he said is used across all government agencies:  "Keep the problem going so the money keeps flowing."

Because he believed that the NSA was in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, Binney said that he left the agency at the end of October 2001, after learning that they were using his program to monitor electronic data of all citizens.  He made it clear that the new million square foot storage area that the NSA has build in Utah is there in order to store all the electronic data of everybody. 

He said that NIST's refusal to release data on their investigation of the collapses is a manifestation of how government agencies go about covering up their failures, but that this makes them an accomplice to any crimes involved in 9/11, either of its cover-up or of its actual perpetration.

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