Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Matters When Criticizing Darwinian Theory: Location, location, location?

Interesting post by Rabbi Klinghoffer suggests that when criticizing Darwinian theory, it doesn't matter who you are but where you are:

The University of Iowa and Ball State are perfectly respectable places to hang your hat as a professor, but there's only one Harvard. If you're a tenured professor there, obviously, you've made it. You need not feel threatened by something a little bit outré that the guy in the office down the hall says or writes somewhere.

This may explain why Harvard geneticist George Church, who gave a warm approbation to Darwin's Doubt, has not, as far as I know, suffered a public condemnation by his own colleagues. It's also one reason why Darwinism makes so fascinating a sociological study, as much as it does a scientific one.


Anonymous said...


Nice blog. You mean the book by Stephen Meyer? Maybe you should link to it.

Bilbo said...

Suggestion taken.