Monday, August 12, 2013

What on Earth do We Know about Heaven?

At least Randal Rauser comes up with book titles that intrigue me, such as What on Earth do We Know about Heaven?

 And he guarantees that this is the best book on heaven that he has ever written.  I guess I'll risk ten bucks on it.

UPDATE: Adam Hazzard offered some good advice:

"Perhaps the title could use an asterisk and some small print, like the ads for prescription drugs : Warning: The work "know" is used here in a figurative sense and does not imply actual knowledge. Assertions contained in this work are unverifiable. Customers requiring a fuller description of any possible afterlife are advised to solicit information from those who have already died. No warranty is offered or implied."

  UPDATE II: I just read the Afterword: Waiting for the Dream Car. Worth reading.

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