Sunday, June 30, 2013

Other NSA Whistleblowers Support Edward Snowden

NSA Whistleblowers Mark Klein and Thomas Drake support what Edward Snowden has done.

 Klein: "I don't expect this to happen, [but] Congress should give Edward Snowden retroactive immunity for standing and defending the Constitution. He's done a service for the entire country. What's revealed politically is that both parties are in on this."

 And:  Snowden, Drake writes, has revealed only "the tip of the iceberg." Warning that Snowden will pay a "high price," for his actions, he nonetheless understands why it was taken. "I didn't want to be part of the dark blanket that covers the world, and Edward Snowden didn't either. It's simply validation of this vast, systemic, industrial-scale, Leviathan surveillance system. And it's twelve years of growth. ... None of what I've seen published in The Guardian or the Post surprises me."

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