Monday, May 13, 2013

Was Fertilizer Plant a Victim of Monsanto? Musings of a Conspiracy Theorist.

So there are some youtube videos that make you wonder if the fertilizer plant that exploded in West Texas was hit by a rocket or missile of some kind. For example, there's this one.

Then you find out that there were emergency drills scheduled for the next day in this area. So then you ask yourself, why would someone want to destroy the fertilizer plant with a rocket or missile?

Then you find out the corporate giant Monsanto was being sued by the fertilizer plant.

Then you find out that Monsanto controls 93% of the soybeans and 86% of the corn grown in the U.S.  And you think to yourself, "Wow! That Monsanto feller sure can pull a lot of strings!"

Then you ask yourself, were the Boston bombing and ricin letters just diversions so people wouldn't look too closely at the fertilizer plant?

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