Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Should I Vote for a Third Party Candidate?

A friend recently sent me this interview of third party candidate Rocky Anderson. He says everything that I want a presidential candidate to say to earn my vote. So should I vote for him? If you're a Republican or just voting for Romney, then you probably want me to vote for Rocky, just so that it takes away a vote for Obama. If you're a Democrat or just voting for Obama, then you probably don't want me to vote for Rocky and instead vote for Obama as a loyal Democrat should. Back in 2000 I campaigned very hard for Al Gore, not because I liked him, but because I didn't want Bush to get elected. I was very angry at Ralph Nader, because I thought he helped insure that Gore lost and Bush won. At this point in time, even though I think Obama is the lesser of two evils, I'm not sure he's that much less of an evil than Romney. So the temptation to write in Rocky is rather strong. Besides, think of the music they could play as he runs up the steps to accept the presidency on January 20th.

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