Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Hunger Games

When it's 100 degrees out, one looks for air conditioned places, such as movie theaters. Of course, one goes to the cheap, $4 per seat theater. The only movie showing at the time that I arrived was "The Hunger Games." I haven't read the books, but I heard a brief explanation of what they're about. There are 12 Districts that must pay an annual "tribute" of two young people, one boy, one girl, between the ages of 12-18. These 24 young people are pitted against each other in a televised battle to the death, with only one winner, who is then showered with glory and prizes.

I was hoping that the 24 kids would get together and decide not to kill each other, thus setting an example for the people in their districts, showing that working together always beats working against each other.

For the most part, the movie didn't go as I had hoped.

As I left the theater my first reaction on seeing other people was, "There go some potential deadly enemies.  Perhaps I should kill them first."*

Ah the power of mass media.  This is a "children's" movie, by the way.  So what are we conditioning them for now?

*Maybe I better add that was my first reaction. I no longer think that way. Trust me. Go ahead, trust me. I won't stab you in the back with my dagger while you lead the way. Trust me.

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