Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How YEC and Methodological Naturalism are Similar

I’ve noticed a parallel between YEC (Young Earth Creationism) and Methodological Naturalism.  Just as someone working with the YEC presupposition that their literal interpretation of Genesis is the correct one and supercedes all apparent empirical evidence to the contrary, so someone working with the presupposition of Methodological Naturalism believes that no amount of empirical evidence should allow for a Supernaturalistic interpretation, but must await a Naturalistic interpretation, however long it may take to come up with one.  It would seem to me that a more rational position would be one that allows for empirical evidence to have more input on our original presuppositions, allowing us to modify them if so needed. (I first made this comment here).

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Blas said...

Unique events in the past are excluded from empirism, so the controversy will go on.