Friday, March 9, 2012

Larry Moran Agrees with ID Proponents that Methodological Naturalism not Necessary to do Science

Normally,  Prof. Moran calls us "IDiots."  But today, he agrees with us that methodological naturalism (or at least, intrinsic methodological naturalism) is not a necessary part of science, here. Apparently he held this view, thinking the majority of philosophers of science disagreed with him. But as Bradley Monton, professor of philosophy of physics, pointed out a couple of years ago:

 "...a false view about philosophy of science was promulgated by Judge Jones. Jones made it sound as if philosophers of science agree that methodological naturalism is a constraint on science, whereas in fact I think this is highly contentious in the philosophy of science community – or, if it’s not highly contentious, that’s because most all philosophers of science are on my side."

By the way,  Prof. Monton  is an atheist.

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