Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Turn on Judgment Day

Bilbo: "I'd just like to say that I argued for the Truth against all those idiots who didn't see it, just like you wanted me to."

Judge: "When did I tell you that I wanted you to spend all your time arguing for the 'Truth'?"

Bilbo: "Well, didn't you?"

Judge: "No. I wanted you to love other people, not spend all your time trying to prove that you were right."

Bilbo: "So my life has been a waste?"

Judge: "Pretty much."

Bilbo: "Is it too late to change?"

Judge: "Not yet."

Bilbo: "So should I start trying to love other people now, instead of arguing with them?"

Judge: "Sounds like a good idea to me."

Bilbo: "Loving people that I disagree with isn't very easy. Will you help me learn how to do that?"

Judge: "Gladly."

Bilbo: "Thank you."

Judge: "You're welcome."


Anonymous said...

"charity which is one in essence, is threefold in exercise, and according as good things regard the bodily and sentient life or the intellectual or the moral, the charity which bestows them is divided ... into temporal, intellectual, and spiritual. The temporal is the lowest and gives the lowest kind of good. Inconceivably far above it stands that which seeks to increase the life of the understanding by the knowledge of truth; and above both there is the spiritual charity which tends to make men good and happy by loving the known truth."

So Bilbo you have been charitable with the people you have been arguin, Do not think it is a wast of time.

Bilbo said...

Thanks, Anon, for your charitable opinion of me. However, I know, as does my Judge, how often I have argued, not because I "seek to increase the life of the understanding by the knowledge of truth," but merely because I was trying to prove that I was right.

Anonymous said...

The voice in your head isn't God, kook.

Bilbo said...

Whoever's voice it is, it's a good one. And I do so prefer being called "whacko" instead of "kook."