Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hitchens Remembered

My Take: An evangelical remembers his friend Hitchens: "I first met Christopher Hitchens at the Edinburgh International Festival. We were both there for the same event, and foremost in my mind was the sort of man I would meet. A journalist and polemicist, his reputation as a critic of religion, politics, Britain's royal family, and, well, just about everything else was unparalleled. As an evangelical, I was certain that he would hate me. When the expected knock came at my hotel room door, I braced for the fire-breather who surely stood on the other side of it. With trepidation, I opened it and he burst forth into my room. Wheeling on me, he began the conversation as if it was the continuance of some earlier encounter:" more


Joshua Blanchard said...

This is one of the better reflections I've read on Hitchens. Thanks, Bilbo.

Bilbo said...

You'll find only the best stuff here, Joshua.