Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why ID Might Be Important

People like Jerry Coyne aren't going to bother much with philosophy. They think it's rather unimportant and not much better than religion. When presented with a philosophical argument against their materialism, they will respond with something like:

"I’ll leave this one to the philosophers...," apparently never realizing that their materialism is a philosophical position that needs to be philosophically defended. Or worse, they will say something truly idiotic like:

"Saying that thoughts have meanings that “lie beyond themselves” simply assumes what Torley’s trying to prove,"

apparently never realizing that would mean that their own thoughts have no meaning that "lie beyond themselves," such as the thought that "evolution is true."

So how does one reach such thoughtless people? Since they have made Science their god, then ID may be the only way to reach them. I realize how scandalous this will seem to Thomists such as Feser. And I sympathize with him. But does he really think someone like Jerry Coyne gives a fig for what a mere philosopher has to say? Whereas Coyne cares a great deal about why someone like Behe might say. Enough to read his books and attack them as forcefully as he can. Unfortunately for Coyne, his attacks fall short, and deep down, I think even Coyne realizes it.

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